Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kaiju Reviews #11 - Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla [Written by skull902]

HA HA! Hijacking the Kaiju review series. Or rather, the creator of the blog let me write something because it was my birthday...um...nonetheless, here's a review of "Godzilla VS Space Godzilla", which originally premeired in Japanese theatres in 1994, and American DVD in 2000.

So it opens up with Godzilla underwater. Wonderful. Then it cuts to the building of a robot named MOGERA (which stands for M...whatever), designed to destroy Godzilla. They send MOGERA to space to stop this entity coming to Earth. It fails after a short battle and hardly makes it back for repairs.

One jump-cut later, we see scientist/military people overlooking a telepath and her students. They ask this telepath to be a part of their new strategic plan to control Godzilla using telepathy, and insist that if she doesn't, they'll use one of the students. The telepath says they aren't ready and goes into deep thought about what to do.

A military ship brings these weirdly-dubbed guys to a smaller ship so they can go to Infant Island, Godzilla's current vacation residence. While on the island, they meet another dude who wants to kill Godzilla because of the casualty of his brother, and thinks that the military guys' plan is a waste of resources. He also has some sort of knowing of Godzilla's son, who they call Little Godzilla in this movie.

Meanwhile on the mainland, Mothra's twin fairies, gone since 1992 come to warn the telepath of a dangerous being headed for Earth (connection?) that Mothra was just too busy to take care of and couldn't be bothered. The big Earth-devastating meteor was of a bigger priority. They say that she's the only one who can save the Earth by guiding Godzilla to destroy this menace. No pressure, though. She choses to do the mission.

The military guys and this renegade dig holes and put tear gas in them so when Godzilla steps on them, it'll make his eyes burn. Eventually, the telepath and her little group head out to Infant Island. Little Godzilla falls for the tear gas though, so that plan's out. Godzilla comes to have his court-ordered visiting time with Junior, and gets shot at and has a connection thingy implanted in his neck so the lady can control him. It doesn't work, and she gets knocked the hell out. As Godzilla's walking on the island, Space Godzilla (the space entity mentioned earlier) makes his way to Infant Island and crash-lands there. After defeating Godzilla, he kidnaps Junior and makes a crystal fortress on the mainland. After all this, the telepath's group leave, save for the telepath, and the reneage guy does too. So on Infant Island is the telepath and the two commando guys who have a Yamaha dirt bike. Fun.

Scientists find that a white hole pushed out Godzilla cells from when Mothra flew into space at the end of "Godzilla VS Mothra: The Battle For Earth" and collided with stars to make Space Godzilla. There are also Americans from NASA in this scene. They speak English but for some odd reason are also dubbed.

The military asks the renegade guy if he wants to pilot MOGERA and he's like "Chyea!", while our heroes on Infant Island have a discussion about Godzilla's feelings. Eventually they all go back to the mainland and Godzilla comes too, in all his tip-of-the-tail-breaking-off glory. The two other military guys get positions in MOGERA's cockpit too, and they learn that there's some tower being a source of Space Godzilla's power. The renegade guy, who's supposed to be helping Godzilla, gets pissed at him though and starts attacking. Nothing that the two other peeps and a rope can't help. So Godzilla and MOGERA go to Space Godzilla and MOGERA knocks off Space Godzilla's shoulder-crystals (which are another source of power) while Godzilla takes out the tower. After a little more fighting, the day is saved, but not without bad news. MOGERA is destroyed beyond repair. But the three guys are okay so not everything was lost. Godzilla and Junior run off and are happy until the next year when they are confronted by their most demonic enemy yet.

All-in-all, it's a good monster flick. Yes there's some silly things but that's just to be expected.

Score: 4.0/5.0

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