Thursday, August 19, 2010

Same name, same game?

Not quite. This will be the first of many posts about games that may have the same title; but an entirely different experience (or even experiences, as this post will show) on a different console(s).
We'll start off with Rayman Raving Rabbids. Most people that know about this think of the party game for the Wii (as well as other home consoles). Well, that's not the case for all of them.

Version #1: Wii, PS2, Xbox 360, PC

We'll start off with the most popular version, the party game that everyone knows of. It was pretty much made for the Wii, and ported to the other systems. While the PS2 one was pretty much a straight port (except without motion controls), the Xbox 360 one had improved graphics and the minigames were slightly altered, and the PC version was glitchy practically to the point of being unplayable (seriously, Ubisoft has gotten a lot of complaints).

Version #2: GameBoy Advance

Unlike the console versions, this a 2D platformer that's more in-tune with the 2D Rayman games. In this game, the Rabbids are far more menacing (if it wasn't for their signature screams, you probably wouldn't even recognize them) and classic Rayman characters appear, such as Murphy and Ly. Also, while the costumes in the console versions were simply goofy outfits for Rayman to wear, the costumes give him [strange] powers in this game. For example, the Elvis costume lets him whack enemies with a guitar, while the Goth costume lets him spit bubble gum, etc. It's all good fun.

Version #3: DS
Like the GBA version, this game is mainly a 2D platformer... but with a lot of twists (and a plot that makes no sense). For example, the Rabbids are... at least semi-idiotic now (and they have their normal designs) and the game doesn't play exactly the same as other 2D Rayman games. Also, like the previous version, costumes give you powers, except these powers actually make more sense (they let you control elements).
Ex. The Granny costume gives you the power of the Earth, letting you push boulders and the like, while the Punk costume gives you the power of fire, which lets you burn enemies, among other things.
You'll have to use every power in your arsenal whenver you beat a level; when you beat a level, you end up in a Yoshi Touch-and-Go-esque stage, where Rayman has unlimited time to wear costumes (he can only wear costumes in these segments) and has to switch between costumes in order to get past obstacles... by the way, did I mention that you control these exclusively using the Touch-Screen? Speaking of the Touch-Screen, you also use them to play (forced) mini-games right after the segments are done. Yessss, there are minigames in this version too.
Stay tuned next time, for... Sonic Unleashed!

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