Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Games I'm Looking Forward To (Curse you, E3)

Raving Rabbids Travel in Time [Wii] -
This is the first game that I saw at E3 that peeked my interest. Of course, I love the Rabbids, and time travelling is certainly something new for them... I'm hoping that this game will be similar to Rabbids Go Home.

Rayman Origins [360, PS3, iPad] -
Looks like Rayman's finally getting separated from the Rabbids... and in a 2D game to boot! The fact that the trailer is funny helps too.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 [Wii, 360, PS3, iPhone] -
Must I say anything?

Sonic Colors [Wii, DS] -
I'm anticipating both versions (especially the Wii version). The DS one is pretty much another Sonic Rush, while the Wii version is practically like the Day stages from Sonic Unleashed, but without the Werehog. Thank you, Sega!

Warner Bros.:
Batman Arkham Asylum 2 [360, PS3] -
I don't have much to say here. But the first one was good, so this one should be too. Sooo... yeah.

Disney Interactive:
Epic Mickey [Wii] -
It's a loving tribute to Mickey, as well as many obscure and beloved Disney characters. Not only that, but it looks like a really fun game to boot.

Sly Cooper Collection [PS3] -
I'm a little skeptical about this one, seeing as I already have the first two... but if it's going to be cheap, then why not?

Heroes on the Move [PS3 {PlayStation Move}] -
A crossover of three of Sony's greatest franchises - Jak and Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, and Sly Cooper. What more could you ask for?

Nintendo (Saving the Best for Last):
Kid Icarus Uprising [3DS] -
I liked the first one; and these graphics look like they could be on the Wii... and it's on a portable system!

Paper Mario 3DS [3DS (duh)] -
This wasn't actually announced for E3, but it's on the E3 website. So I figure that it counts. lol

Metroid: Other M [Wii] -
It looks really f*cking cool.

Kirby's Epic Yarn [Wii] -
It's an... interesting 2D Kirby game with a unique art style, as well as a new style of gameplay that makes it unique from other Kirby games, instead of being more of the same.

Donkey Kong Country Returns [Wii] -
As the first Donkey Kong Country game in 14 years (and an awesome-looking one at that), this has a high priority on my list.

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