Thursday, April 15, 2010

Movie Mania #1 - Clash of the Titans [2010]

Sorry, no Kaiju Reviews today (I nearly finished a really long one and it deleted itself for no apparent reason, which really pissed me off). But this one still has a giant monster in it! That's good, right?


I won't try to reveal TOO much, for people who haven't seen it yet. Generally, Zeus has SECKS with Acrisius' wife, Danae, which makes her later give birth to a son and main protagonist, Perceus. Acrisius gets pissed, shutting his wife and the baby into a coffin and dumping them into the water. God, what a jerk. Perceus is then saved and many years later, he is finally all grown up... but unfortunately, the gods get pissed and Hades unleashed THE KRAKEN! He's one of the coolest monsters ever... even though he looks like a green Orga with tentacles in this movie:

Similar, ain't it?
Anyhow, Perceus goes on an epic quest with his trusty black pegasus (and somewhat useless allies), defeating creatures such as a giant Scorpion and even Medusa, before having a final showdown with Hades... but most importantly, THE KRAKEN! Ohhhhh yeahhhhhh...
Er... anyway, yeah, this movie was pretty good.
7.5/10: Enjoyable

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