Monday, February 22, 2010

Stewie's Opinion on Sarah Palin


Hall of Geekdom: So, Stewie? What's your opinion on Sarah Palin suddenly bashing your show for... supposedly mocking her son?
Stewie: My opinion is that she's full of shit.
HoG: Er...
Stewie: I mean, c'mon! This is one of the only episodes that actually has a damn moral! I, mean... what the deuce does she want from us?! An apology basket with some f***king cookies?! Sheesh... she... she should get a sense of humor.
HoG: Um... yes. And if you actually met her, what would you do?
Stewie: I'd punch her in the face until she admits she's wrong. Stubborn bitch...
HoG: What's your opinion on down syndrome?
Stewie: God, what are we doing, playing 20 questions?

HoG: It's an interview... I'm supposed to ask questions.
Stewie: Well, yes... but it doesn't mean you HAVE to.
HoG: Stewie...

HoG: Just answer the damn question!
Stewie: Alright, sheesh... you don't have to get mad about it. Anyhow, I think that it is... kinda sad, really. That's all I can really say.
HoG: Really?
Stewie: Well, no... I'm using Brian's laptop while he's in the bathroom, and he'll back in a few minutes.

HoG: Ah.
Stewie: Um... yeah. So go watch the new Family Guy episode, "Go Stewie Go!" in about... 3 weeks later on FOX.
HoG: Man, FOX is being stingy with their FG episodes...
Stewie: Tell me about it. The Simpsons get new episodes all the time... and our show gets higher ratings! Then again, I'm talking about the guys that cancelled us TWICE... god knows what's going on in there right now. I swear, that company's run by a bunch-a dirty monkeys... well anyway, I gotta go! Brian's almost back in the kitchen and I'm contemplating on what to do next on how to make his life a living hell...
HoG: Wait! Before you go...
Stewie: ... What?!
HoG: Are you really gay?
Stewie: ... YOU SON OF A BITCH.

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